Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wow. Wow. Wow. WOW!

What a day.
We woke up to a grey overcast and a threat of rain.
After the morning ritual we headed off to try to get a ride in the ford trimotor. With the low base nothing much was happening so we split up. Darryn and Geoff went down to the flight line and I went for another look through the hangars to get some replacement strobes for my aeroplane.

In the afternoon we met back up down on the flight line to watch the airshow. The clouds were burning off and conditions soon became perfect for an outstanding airshow with incredibly polished acts and some exotic machinery that we will never see in our neck of the woods.

After the show we met up at Harvey for a beer and a yarn. Lots of fun.
Just on dark we went down to the flight line again to watch the night show. It's impossible to explain. Suffice to say it was the most amazing spectacle I have ever and will ever likely see again. First a jet powered glider then an Ag Cat doing night aerobatics with huge pyrotechnic trails off each wing and dropping fireworks. Just totally totally brilliant. Awe inspiring.

Followed by a fantastic ground based firework display viewed over the top of two DC3s in full period paint schemes. It could easily have been a celebration in the 50's. It ended with a massive explosion and a sheet of flame about 3 - 400 meters long and100' high. Bloody fantastic.
It's going to be hard to go to sleep any time soon to go into the final day.

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  1. What is THAT in the last photo?? Awesome sounding display.... cool.... glad the weather turned out good - did you get your strobes... oh and you have a cazillion comments to publish LOL

  2. Hey GP, What an amazing post, so so glad it was so awe inspiring for you. John has gone goosey at me reading this post out loud to him (as I have done each day), we are both really thrilled for you. It just makes the years of wait worthwhile.

  3. The last picture. The two parallel lines are the trails from the wingtips and the rest is fireworks being dropped. A crap photo from my phone but you get the idea.

  4. oh I meant the 2nd to last photo.....

  5. 2nd to last photo is looking down the shape end of an F4 Phantom fighter jet. Getting a bit old now. What's interesting about this one is that is rigged to be remote controlled and will end it's days being shot down by a surface to air missile.
    A cool machine and 'cool loud!'