Friday, July 30, 2010

Maaaaarrrrrrmmmmm. My feet hurt!

Started out much better today. Both Derwood and I had a good sleep and woke up refreshed and ready for the massive undertaking.

The plan of attack was to start out outside and around mid day when the sun is way up. Move inside to the shops.
So off we went.
We slowly worked our way over to the couple of Falcos that were here and ran into a couple of guys to talk to.

After a few plesantarys we headed off to cover a couple of the hangars for some shopping, or at least, looking. There is just soooo much stuff. A homebuilders heaven really. I feel for Derwood a bit since looking at a bag of clecos for a non builder has got to be a tad boring.
After a few hours of that we had a bite to eat. (yuk) and went back to the Falco park for a bit.

We ran into Dan, a Falco owner from Switzerland who uses my forum a bit and during a brief chat with him the show started. With some military kit that I will never see anywhere else I imagine.. Over some loud explosions a chap came up to me and introduced himself as Alfred Scott. Funny how he spotted me in the flight line out of all those people.. I was close to the Falcos but so was a few hundred others. He says he thinks I look like Bill Clinton. He took me over to meet Susan Arruda and gave me a free tee shirt. Susan started to give Alfred a nudge to leave since they were leaving today so with that Darryn and I headed back to the hangars. I saw a few things I wanted to buy but by the time I got back to them the hangars were closing for the night. Oh well. Whatever. There is always tomorrow although the plan is for it to be more of an airshow day for us tomorrow. There has been a steady build in the number and type of aircraft arriving so I think with tomorrow being the weekend it has to be a great display. F15's, F18's an F16. C5, T38, Osprey, A10, KC135, F86, etc etc etc etc.. It's going to be a great day. There was a tiny bit of rain today but hopefully it will come right tomorrow and my feet will be happy again ready for another hiding!

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  1. Awesome.... that Blue Falco looks quite pointy at the front.... maybe just the angle...
    Tell Derwood we are wondering where his posts are... and you have a few comments to publish!! LOL Enjoy the concert.

    Soak it up - enjoy - you'll be home before you know it.... oh and don't do a Jean - if you see something BUY IT :-)