Monday, August 2, 2010

The lucky trip

As I sit on the in the back of an old 737-300 next to old Fanta pants I reflect upon our trip as. Bit of a 'lucky' trip. It has worked out exceptionally well for us in pretty much every way so far. Right from our Auckland departure we got our upgrade to business class. We had Pretty good bus service to nd from the hotel to Santa Monica. When we had checked in early for southwest flight on. Whim it worked out well since it assured us seating next to each other. The flight crew on the flight were super friendly and gave us drink vouchers which we used on this flight to feed old Fire Bucket here some Heineken. The hotel at Milwaukee had very friendly staff ( mostly gingas I'm reminded) who drove us to the RV place.
The road was very easily navigated and on arrival we went straight to a site with power which is very unusual.
We had a lot of luck in how we chose to manage our time and how it worked out while at Oshkosh. We were certainly in the right place in the right time to see the departures, a sight I will NEVER forget.
Minor hiccup on the way back.. Got a bit misplaced but it actually made the navigation to the hotel easier.
Once again on the Southwest flights we got seated together. All fairly lucky really. And I wonder how things would have turned out if our luck was running a little differently.
I just hope I haven't jinxed it now and signed up for a flight in steerage back home!

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  1. ooooh GP I think you should only report things like this at the completion of your trip. I will keep my fingers crossed that you haven't put the huny on yourselves.
    Can't wait to cath up with your story, give me a call once you have caught up with Vic and your jet lag

  2. no thats the way keep thinking along the 'we've had a great trip and lucks been with us" and you'll be just fine... :-)

    Nice to hear....

    But wondering where Derwoods blogs are...