Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Well I guess this draws the blog out to the final one from me. Derwood might just reply at some stage.
The trip back to LA was easy. Again a great trip on southwest. The crew really are a riot. The are encouraged to let their personality shine through so some of the PAs are great. E.g. "we're waiting for everyone to get their touche in the couche so we can push" or " sit back relax and enjoy the flight.. Or.. Sit bolt upright, nervous and tense, we're going anyway" .. Or.. " please turn off your iPods, iPhones, blackberries, crack berries, raspberries, strawberries, George foreman grills, gameboys, game girls, epiladies, anything with a switch on it!" .... Or ... " badda boom badda bing, that's our ding, give your neighbour a hug, give your seatbelt a tug, we're off". Etc etc etc. Makes it's fun.
Yesterday had us do the normal bus trip into Santa Monica for a bit of shopping and yet another visit to church (the Apple store). I confirmed what I already knew - I can't shop for women. I tried to get something for Vicki but with a couple of minor exceptions failed miserably.
After the shopping we jumped back on the bus back to the hotel, got changed and caught another bus out to the airport. Luckily old carrot skull had a lounge pass so we spent a few hours waiting for our plane. In the lounge we ran into a couple of other crew. Phil had also been to Sploshkosh ( it's new nickname after the rain before we arrived) and Dudley had been up visiting family.
Fortunately we got our upgrade request (more luck) and with a few tips from Dudley we arranged for 2 more bedding packs each in order to make the bed a bit softer. That was the ticket. I got about 7 reasonable hours sleep and Derwood had to be woken up for breakfast!
So all in all a very enjoyable highly successful trip. It's given me a bit of a wild idea but that's for some other time.
Will I go next year? Not sure. Maybe, but I need to let this trip sink in a bit first.
The 747 is about to descend into Auckland now so in the words of the announcer at KOSH..... "I'm outta here"

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